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Motorola Droid rumored to arrive at Best Buy on October 24

October 22, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Motorola Droid rumored to arrive at Best Buy on October 24

As of earlier today it looked like things were all set for an October 28 unveiling of the Motorola Droid — except now these latest spy shot style images are suggesting that Best Buy will have the handset a few days earlier on October 24.

Of course, this could just be a case of a date being in the system for the sake of having a date. In other words I am still leaning towards the earlier date of October 28.

Anyway, what we can tell from these blurry images is that the Morotola Sholes Droid will be selling for $599.99, which means that it is contract free.

Additionally, in terms of the features listed, there is nothing really surprising here. That said, they include the 5-megapixel camera, touchscreen display, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, hands-free speakerphone, vibrate mode, the ability to share images and video and that it will be running Android.

Again, just to make it clear, this seems to be just a date and not when Best Buy will actually begin selling it. It could be the date they are scheduled to arrive in store. But with that, maybe we can get some rogue Best Buy employee to open one up and send some real spy shots over to Androinica. Hint, hint.

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