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HTC Hero dubbed “Gadget Of The Year” by Stuff Magazine

October 7, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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HTC Hero dubbed “Gadget Of The Year” by Stuff Magazine

In a little bit of good news for Android fans, Stuff Magazine has recently named the HTC Hero – the “Gadget of the Year” for 2009. Pretty impressive, but at the same time exciting due to the fact that it has beat the overhyped iPhone 3GS.

“The revolutionary touchscreen smartphone, which is based on Google’s Android system, received the honour for its innovative take on social networking, slick multi-touch interface and superior multimedia skills.”

Of course, the iPhone was not left out entirely and did take the “Phone of the Year” award. But moving on and getting back to Android, according to Fraser Macdonald, who is the “expert judge and also Editor for Stuff;

“With the HTC Hero, we’ve finally got a phone that fully exploits the potential of the Android OS to be as clever and as sexy as the iPhone.”

It seems to me that Android is looking better and better with each day.