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How to create shortcuts in the Android Notification Bar

October 16, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


How to create shortcuts in the Android Notification Bar

Have you ever wanted to quickly switch from one app to another? You could set-up keyboard shortcuts to get the job done, or you could create a thumb-friendly, all-touchscreen solution with Bar Control. By creating shortcuts in the notification bar, users have an always-available link to their most frequently used apps and activities.

There are a number of ways that people can utilize Bar Control: create a direct link to adding new Astrid tasks, change sync settings, Bluetooth settings, or launch any app. All of these functions will be available with a simple finger movement once the app is installed. Set-up and use is simple.

  1. Download Bar Control from the Android Market
  2. Launch Bar Control and select apps you wish to appear in the Notification bar
  3. Choose an icon (the developer is unable to use default icons)

To remove an app from appearing in the notification bar, launch Bar Control and select the app once again. If you don’t want icons to appear before opening the drawer, press Menu >Hide Notifications.

Apps that continuously run can sometimes have a negative effect on battery life, but I haven’t noticed any meaningful difference caused by this app.



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