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Could the previously mysterious HTC handset be the Verizon Passion?

October 27, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Could the previously mysterious HTC handset be the Verizon Passion?

A few weeks back we saw that mysterious HTC device get pictured, you remember, it was the one that came with no details or specs. Anyway, while nothing has been made official just yet, we do have some more rumors to go along with those images.

Once again, the details are coming courtesy of the unlockr, who are reporting that “after doing some research” they are “90% positive” that the mysterious device is heading to Verizon Wireless under the name of the Dragon Passion.

“Its the HTC Dragon! Well, sort of. It’s actually the CDMA version of the HTC Dragon that is headed to Verizon and going to be called the HTC Passion.

This would explain the similarities that people noticed about the buttons and the white notification bar from the Motorola Sholes (Droid); Verizon is trying to keep things a little similar on all their Droid devices and it’s not the HTC Desire, which is a Verizon branding of the HTC Hero (a 3.2 inch screen, which this phone definitely does not have).”

While nothing is official yet, other details that are still rumor include that the HTC Passion with be running Android 2.0 and that it could be available sometime in Q4 of this year. Quite possibly we will see, or at least hear more details during the upcoming Verizon announcement.