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Android has an app for kgb (the answer service, not the Soviet agency)

October 20, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


Android has an app for kgb (the answer service, not the Soviet agency)

Is it me, or are those kgb commercials freaky? I can handle some creepy guy asking for help in figuring out his girlfriend’s bra size, but the one with two teens trying to feed their dad hamster milk is just plain weird.

The Knowledge Generation Bureau will be answering more bizarre questions now that it has expanded into the realm of Android. A kgb Answers app is now available in the Android Market for anyone interested in finding out the name of the Boston Red Sox player who let a ball slip through his legs in the 1986 World Series (Bill Buckner). If you’ve ever wondered where “natural” weave came from, worry no more: use the kgb app to learn that it’s from a yak.

The kgb app costs $1.99 and includes 3 “free” answers. Additional questions answered will cost $0.99 each. Feel free to purchase if you want, but remember that you bought a phone integrated with Google search. Maybe you ought to get some use out of it before turning to kgb.

Here are some proposed uses from kgb.

  • For the traveler, kgb Answers can help a customer find an economical hotel recommendation and will provide an answer that includes not only a hotel with rates and contact information included, but also a precise map and related questions others have recently asked about the hotel. This information can then be easily shared via email. For someone who asked, What’s a good hotel deal for Dallas tonight? kgb Answers sent back the following on October 19, 2009: Booking via Expedia, a room at The Fairmont Dallas (Dallas, TX) is $175 for 2 adults, one night. Traveler opinion is 4.4/5 stars! - Source:
  • Users can post their kgb Answers to their Facebook profile page newsfeed to show their friends the questions they’re asking and kgb’s answers: Why do penguins have tails? What makes your eyes water when cutting onions? Which coach has won the most Super Bowls?
  • kgb Answers allows users to retain a complete searchable history of all their previously asked questions and answers for future reference. People frequently find themselves asking the same question more than once– Which exit off Route 71 do I take to get to the Columbus Zoo?, Where is the Apple store in the Roosevelt Field Mall?, Where is the main entrance to Fenway? -and with kgb Answers, users need only to browse their question history.
  • Users can have fun browsing the questions kgb has been asked by other people for free–It’s fascinating to watch what others are asking! What is the shortest sentence in the English language? What’s the longest chapter in The Bible? Who was the first rock star to get arrested on stage?