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Android 2.0 offers multiple email account syncing & more, SDK available for download

October 27, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android 2.0 offers multiple email account syncing & more, SDK available for download

Earlier this morning, I posted about Android 2.0 being rumored to appear as early as next month yet developers still haven’t gotten the SDK. That post was premature as Google has today released the Android SDK and a new video highlighting what’s available in Éclair. As we’ve come to learn in Android updates, Google is paying attention to the complaints and suggestions users are offering. Take a look at this announcement video and see some features from the 2.0 platform highlights to see how Android is changing:

  • Multiple email accounts running on one Android phone. I can now finally sync my personal and business Gmail credentials in one program. Synergy FTW! Email, contacts, and Exchange can run smoothly on one phone.
  • Quick Contact widget adds a shortcut to getting to SMS, email, or phone directly from the contact list. Email, Messaging, and Calendar apps can also launch the Quick Contact widget
  • Microsoft Exchange support built into the OS so users no longer need third-party apps
  • Search SMS and MMS messages and auto-delete oldest message in conversation when a defined limit is reach
  • Camera tweaks Built-in flash support for capable phones, digital zoom, scene mode, white balance, color effect, and macro focus (up close photos)
  • Improved virtual keyboard designed for improved speed, more accuracy, multi-touch support for rapid typing, and smarter dictionary that includes contact names
  • New UI for Browser app with instant searches, bookmarks with web page thumbnails, double-tap zoom, and HTML5 support
  • Calendar changes that include more scrolling in Agenda view and invitee attendance status
  • Bluetooth 2.1 and new Object Push Profile and Phone book Access Profile. Bluetooth that allows people to send and receive data. Proximity-based interaction allows for your phone to communicate with another via Bluetooth.