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Live thoughts from Motorola’s big Android Moment

September 10, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Live thoughts from Motorola’s big Android Moment

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha is scheduled to deliver a keynote speech at the Mobilize Conference shortly. Jha’s speech is titled Innovation on Android and expected to be the debut of something big for Motorola’s Android plans. Will we see the Sholes for the first time or get a look at “Blur,” Motorola’s rumored Android platform? We’ll know shortly when GigaOmTV starts broadcasting the speech at 1:20 PM ET / 10:20 PST / 6:20 BST. Watch the video embedded below and follow our comments live on Twitter [@androinica].

  • Android keynote starting now. Sanjay Jha just entered the stage.
  • Jha’s mainly talking about mobile broadband usage and evolving communication. Smartphones, netbooks, etc.
  • Moto integrates applications that embed social networks. Jha promises their Android device will be available for holiday season.
  • MotoBlur is a service. Shows all your social networking sites rather than having an app for each.
  • Takes all contacts, posts, feeds, messages, emails, photos and more from FB, MySpace, Gmail, Yahoo, and serves it up on the homepage
  • UI has live widgets that are customized and prioritized. Tap “Social status” widget and update FB, Myspace, and Twitter all at once.
  • MotoBlur syncs ALL your contacts with SIM card. ie your friend changes his # or email on Facebook, Blur pushes the update to your contacts
    NOTE: Blur can keep your information in the cloud, too! Lost your phone? Blur will update the same information when you get a new one.
  • Obviously, this is all reminiscent of the Palm Pre. There, I said it! Still looks very cool.
  • Pre-planned phone ringing made everyone think some jerk left his phone on. T-Mobile [CTO Cole Brodman] just got on stage
  • The Motorola Cliq – T-MOBILE EXCLUSIVE!!!!
  • Looks like the Moto Cliq has a slide-out keyboard
    NOTE: I was so wrapped-up in keeping tabs on information that I didn’t even look closely and realize the Cliq is the Morrisson. That’s the new branding for the device.
  • moto2

  • T-Mo says it’s ready for 3G network to have 250 cities covered by the end of the year. Will be able to handle more customers and data use.
  • Cole Brodman (T-Mobile) says Cliq will be heavily promoted and he believes it will be best-selling device on network.
  • Cliq has 3G, WiFi, 5 mp camera autofocus, 24-30fps video playback/recording, 3.5 mm headphone jack, integration w/ Google products
  • Moto Cliq will be on Orange in UK and also available on carriers in France and Latin America as “Dext”
  • Fireside chat w/ Andy Rubin “What’s good for the Internet is good for Google. That’s good for Google’s core business, which is advertising.”
  • Om asks “Do you think Palm can stick around?” and Jha responds “I’m preoccupied with myself”…ya think?
  • Moto keynote/chat has completed. According to an @TMobile_USA tweet, it’s spelled Motorola CLIQ rather than Click. Excuse the typo