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The Android Intelligent Home Screen concept: yay or nay?

September 21, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


The Android Intelligent Home Screen concept: yay or nay?

How’d you like to make your Android homescreen a little friendlier to business and personal distinction? Maybe you’re a Windows Mobile or BlackBerry convert who actually prefers the organization and content display systems you left. Wouldn’t it be great to have the apps that attracted you to Android but still have a homescreen geared toward what you like?

LarvaLabs recently debuted a homescreen concept designed to bridge that gap. Their Intelligent Home Screen prototype is “information centric” as opposed to the app and widget centric interfaces currently available on the iPhone or Android. The Intelligent Home Screen is about separating personal information (emails, call logs, etc.) from public information (news stories, RSS feeds, etc.). The potential audience is clear as Larva Labs states that the “home screen is intended to appeal to BlackBerry owners and people struggling with information overload.”

The Larva Labs concept is a twist on the current homescreen model that would definitely help Android become more business-friendly. Having relevant information available directly on the homescreen gives quick access to content and allows users to prioritize what is most relevant. Is this something you’d be interested in having? Well, head over to Larva Labs and leave a comment convincing them to pursue this interface further. (The company is hesitant to invest the time/money into developing this prototype into a full-fledged app because of fears of low sales.)