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Swebapps: An app development tool for the non-developer

September 4, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Swebapps: An app development tool for the non-developer

A new service called Swebapps has recently launched and is offering an easy way for non-developers to build apps. First and foremost, I will point out that at this time the Swebapps service is limited to building iPhone apps, but the good news is that the company has promised to offer the ability to also build Android apps.

Unfortunately, other than a small note regarding Android (which came at the bottom of post regarding the iPhone app building announcement) we have little details on how it will work for Android. That said, it seems logical to believe that the Android app builder will be similar in price and function to the iPhone app builder.

Given that, these apps are not going to be anything super advanced, in fact they are aimed at allowing the non-developer (ie: small business without an app building budget) to get an app into the Market. Of course, even a simple app could eventually benefit both business owners as well as Android users in the form of more apps which should in turn bring more eyes to Android.

As far as the app building goes, according to what we can see from the Swebapps website, it is pretty basic. Those looking to build an app can choose from a few pre-defined templates which include a four, six or eight button package that will cost $200, $300 or $400 respectively.

Bottom line, it looks like it will cost just a few hundred bucks to have an Android app made for your business. In addition to the building cost, users will also have to pay a one time $50 set-up fee as well as a $25 monthly hosting fee.

Other items that can be added include an “AppTracker” feature (at $10 a month) that allows the app builder to keep track of how many times the app is downloaded as well as how many times a button in the app is pressed.

As far as when we can expect this service to be available for potential Android app builders — “by the first quarter of 2010.”

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