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Sprint announces new “Any Mobile, Anytime” calling plan

September 10, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Sprint announces new “Any Mobile, Anytime” calling plan

Now that Sprint has officially announced the upcoming availability of the HTC Hero I guess now is as good a time as any to begin posting news that will affect those who decide to go with Sprint as a carrier. Fortunately, in this particular case the news is good.

Anyway, as the title stated, Sprint has announced a new calling plan called “Any Mobile, Anytime” and it will offer users the ability to call any mobile number for free. The best part here is that these free mobile to mobile calls can be placed at anytime, and with any carrier.

Adding the “Any Mobile, Anytime” option to your current plan is easy, actually it will be done automatically, as long as you are on a qualifying plan. Basically that means you will need to be on an Everything Data Plan with at least 450 anytime minutes (which is priced at $69 and up).

These Everything Data plans from Sprint also include other goodies such as unlimited data which includes web, email, GPS navigation, TV Premier, NFL Mobile Live, Nascar Sprint Cup Mobile and more. Additionally, you get unlimited text, picture and video messages.

All things considered, this makes me feel that much better about my decision to pick up an HTC Hero when it becomes available on October 11.

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