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UPDATED: Official Facebook Android app now in Android Market

September 8, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


UPDATED: Official Facebook Android app now in Android Market

UPDATE: Yesterday, there were some questions about about whether this was the real Facebook app. Despite the Gmail address associated with the app and the Facebook app page saying that this was not created by Facebook, I believe this is the official app.

The official developer listed in the Android Market is “Facebook,” a registered trademark that would be pretty stupid for a third-party to violate. As others have pointed out in the comments section, this app doesn’t require authorization, something ALL third-party apps have done quite annoying in the past. Until Facebook comes out and says otherwise, this is the official Facebook Android app in my eyes.


The official Android application has finally entered the Android Market. After months of openly ignoring Android and leaking info that it would eventually appear, the world’s most popular social networking website has released an official client for the Android platform.

Facebook for Android looks just like the leaked screens we saw last month and comes with the features we would expect:

  • Expandable friend feed and the ability to comment or like updates
  • A widget to display new items on the homescreen
  • View a friend’s wall or a user’s full profile
  • Upload photos and take a picture within Facebook
    Note: Facebook does not
    browse photo galleries or images posted by other users within the app. It instead links to the mobile website and loads in your browser.
  • Receive notifications for messages, requests, invites, pokes (each can be turned on or off)
  • Facebook Live folder that contains the phone number of your friends

Facebook obviously didn’t put as much effort into this app as it did the iPhone version but its not bad and some will find it easier to use than either of the third-party apps. Search the market for Facebook for Android and test it for yourself. What will this mean for Facebook alternatives like Babbler and Bloo? Who knows.