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Layar Android app will support 3D viewing in November

September 23, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


Layar Android app will support 3D viewing in November

The recent influx of augmented reality applications hitting the Android Market has developers scrambling to promote and differentiate their app from competing works. There’s only so many ways to alter the way we view the world. Layar, already one of the most recognized augmented reality apps, plans to set itself apart from the herd by adding 3D capabilities in Layar 3.0.

Adding OpenGL to the mix of GPS, accelerometer, and compass technology, Layar can render 3D graphics and text on top of an Android user’s camera view. The “reality browser” can then be used for something as quirky as an animation of Pac Man feasting or as practical as pointing out venue names to make finding locations easier.

Layar says that all current layer information will transfer over to the new 3D grid format of Layar 3.0. Developers will get a first look to test the new version in a few weeks, while end users and regular consumers will see an update sometime in November.