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App Review: Apps Organizer will organize your Android apps (duh!)

September 17, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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App Review: Apps Organizer will organize your Android apps (duh!)

If you wish to better organize your Android apps, you may want to consider using Apps Organizer. Available for free in the Android Market, Apps Organizer is a way to group apps according to assigned labels and create home screen shortcuts. Rather than opening the app drawer and searching for Twidroid or SportsTap, users can create an “Internet” or “Sports” section for a shortcut.

Apps Organizer is all about grouping similarly-themed apps. Users can group Games, GPS apps, Media, or any other category that they choose. It provides a Label home screen shortcut similar to placing apps in folders, but Apps Organizer has the benefit of using icons that distinguish between each label. There is a console controller for Games, a spreadsheet for documents, radar for GPS, and so on. (Better Cut seems to be able to change Apps Organizer Label icons, too.)

Apps Organizer will not blow you away if you have only a few go-to apps that you use regularly. However, it will be useful for someone with a large number of apps, someone who uses several folders, or someone who just wants to group similar apps. I’d like to see the app get a tad faster by opening directly on the Labels tab when launched and load as quickly as stock folders. Apps Organizer is still a handy tool to have on your Android phone.

Key Features

  • Uninstall apps or mass group apps
  • Group apps according to label (pre-determined or custom)
  • Create shortcuts to labels on the home screen

App: Apps Organizer

Price: Free

Website: Twitter account or the How-to Guide