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Android Market rumored to undergo cosmetic surgery

September 1, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android Market rumored to undergo cosmetic surgery

If you listened to the AndroidGuys podcast last night, you may have heard us discuss the rumored refresh Google is set to give the Android Market. Screenshots sent to Android Atlas show an Android Market that has a more colorful interface and a more pronounced organization to show Top paid apps, Top Free apps, and Just In apps. There’s also a listing of apps in that category to give a preview of what users will find in each section.

The update looks decent and will probably be a welcome change to navigation. However, like I said on the show, my problem with the Android Market has never been about aesthetics — it was the internals that I felt needed to be addressed. The search feature, tag support, and improved organization features are what I think are most in need of attention.

The tipster who sent these images into CNET made no mention on any features being upgraded along with the UI changes for the Android Market. The tipster claims this is the Market version that will come with Donut.

newmarket2_cnet_270x399 newmarket3_cnet_270x399