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Android apps supply tools for apartment and house hunters

September 28, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

Android Apps

Android apps supply tools for apartment and house hunters

There are times I wonder “Why would anyone use this app?” only to have a moment where it actually comes in handy. I experienced this with the rental/real estate apps currently in the Android Market. Though I originally said “I’d rather just hop on the computer to search,” I found that real estate Android apps actually have value. When you’re in a nice neighborhood and wonder if there’s anything in the area to check or if you have so many errands to run, these apps prove their worth.

Apartments is an official app from The app can search for apartments in a city, zip code, or pinpoint location based on GPS coordinates. When in an area that you may consider moving to, click the “Locate me” button and Apartment Guide returns the nearest results. Searches can be refined by price range, features, or amenities. Results list each units details and photos when available. If you’re going to see multiple units, AG can also store “favorites” to help narrow the decision-making process.

There are also applications Apartments by CraigsHome, Real Estate from Coldwell Banker. Each app provides another way to search for housing in a mobile-friendly format. CraigsHome maps out apartment listings on The app supports all metro areas and returns descriptions, prices, pictures, and contact information.

Apartments by is the official app from, one of the largest apartment websites in the United States. It’s a bit sluggish and buggy at the moment, but provides descriptions and even visual previews of apartments at nearly 50,000 locations.

Real Estate is affiliated with Coldwell Banker. It maps available homes for sale based on GPS coordinates and then provides icons to show prices and more details. Users can get photos and information on the house status, type of home, location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and square footage. The downside is that this lists only Coldwell listings, which limits your options.

There are several other apartment and home listing apps. These are just the most recognizable names that I used recently. For more options, search the Android Market for “Apartments” and compare apps.