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Wikitude creators update app and launch user-driven

August 27, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Wikitude creators update app and launch user-driven

Mobilizy, the company that pioneered augmented reality apps on Android with Wikitude, have announced two big news items. Not only have they upgraded Wikitude 3 with several new features, they’ve also launched a new user-driven geo-tagging service known as

Wikitude is an augmented reality app that layers information on top of a smartphone’s camera view. As the user looks out at his or her surroundings, the app adds nearby points of history and links it to relevant data like a neighborhood’s history or background information on important buildings and landmarks in the area. The new version of the app adds or improves

  • An “enhanced” user interface
  • Easier ways to distinguish between close POI’s and POI’s farther away
  • A slider to control viewing distance
  • Improved filtering options to distinguish between types of POI’s
  • “Beam-Me” feature to go to a specific place besides the user’s current location and see geo-data overlay

The service will expand on the already strong library of information by encouraging and allowing users to geo-tag their surroundings. Users log-in through their Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Yahoo account and tag points of interest nearby. Statues, parks, famed theatres or restaurants, and other things of note could be tagged by users. That data would then migrate to the Wikitude platform and be viewable by others.