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Twidroid updates Android app and launches Pro edition

August 29, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Twidroid updates Android app and launches Pro edition

Media-savvy professionals often joke that if you want to bury a story, announce it on a Friday afternoon when people are too concerned with the weekend to care about the news. Twidroid broke that rule yesterday and still managed to get Android users paying attention to the revamped Twidroid app and the introduction of Twidroid Pro.

Twidroid has once again transformed its design, opting for a menu bar that is more sleek and optimized for browsing. More importantly, the pro version of the app debuted at €3.39 ($4.84 USD at press time). The paid version of the most popular Twitter app features:

  • Multiple account support – users can choose between the merged view, which shows all followers and messages at the same time, or the single view that quickly switches between the content associated with each account.
  • Desktop widget – A 1×4 widget displays a count for new mentions and direct messages on the home screen. Users can also launch quick tweets.
  • Color themes – Users who don’t like the new look of Twidroid can tweak color options with this new feature. There are five available colors that tweak shades of Red, Lime, Orange, Black, and Blue.
  • Twittersphere – Find out which stories and news articles are spreading across Twitter. The “buzz” adds to popularity tracking much like the default trending topics.
  • Video posting – Want to share a video in Twitterland? Twidroid Pro includes a built-in feature to record and then upload video onto the web. You can also upload pre-recorded videos.

At almost $5, Twidroid Pro costs more than other premium Android apps i Tweet and Tweet Cat. It will be interesting to see how well it performs in the Android Market. Here are some screenshots of the new Twidroid.