T-Mobile will charge more for printing detailed paper bills

August 6, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


T-Mobile will charge more for printing detailed paper bills

T-Mobile USA is going to charge customers an extra $1.50 per line in order to print and mail subscribers a detailed, monthly bill, according to unofficial blog TMONews. That fee is in addition to the $1.99 subscribers already pay for having that type of bill mailed to them each month, bringing the new monthly charge to $3.49 per line.

There is no current charge for Summary Paper Bill, which offers a quick overview of monthly charges, however customers must pay $1.99 for detailed call records, usage, service charges, and applicable taxes and fees. TMONews makes no mention of whether or not Summary Paper Bill will still be offered at no cost, but says an update announcing the price increase will appear in your next monthly statement.

No one ever likes paying more for anything, so I’m sure some of you are ready to shake your fists Grandpa Simpson style at T-Mobile . Still, I must ask: why do you even need to have detailed paper billing? Maybe my opinion is tainted by my predisposition for favoring online billing, but there’s really no need to use paper billing unless you absolutely must. There are cases where it’s beneficial or necessary to have paper billing, as with government and business accounts, but why bother when most of you can easily monitor your account with the My Account Android app, and can view call logs or make a payment at*

Follow this link to opt-out of paper billing. You can also log-in to, click on Billing & Payments, and then click “Sign up for paperless billing” under the Quick Tasks section. If you decide to revert back to paper billing, there may be a fee, so make sure you’re ready to stop getting mail before signing up.

*Access your detailed usage information in My T-Mo by clicking “Account use” under the Manage tab.