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Rhapsody preparing to launch an Android application

August 25, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Rhapsody preparing to launch an Android application

Some exciting news came yesterday in regards to Rhapsody and their possibly soon-to-be-launched iPhone application. I say “possibly” because Rhapsody has finished their iPhone application, however it has been submitted for approval and its entry into the App Store is now sitting in the hands of Apple.

Anyway, buried deep down in the bottom of the announcement on the Real Networks Blog was a nice little bit about Android. According to their post, they are “working diligently on an Android app.”

Sadly though they included no other details as to when we could expect to see this app become available in the Android Market.

In regards to the app itself, this is just speculation based on the iPhone app, however the app will be available as a free download, but in order to use it (aside from a short free trial), you will need to be a Rhapsody ToGo subscriber.

For those unfamiliar with the Rhapsody ToGo service, in short it is a subscription based music service that allows for on-demand music listening. One thing I am interested in learning is in regards to the Android app is whether it will allow for offline play. Personally that is a big portion of an on-demand service and sadly their iPhone app will allow only for streaming. Lets hope that Rhapsody is able to take advantage of the memory card for storage and allow for offline use.

Of course, with this, I now have one more reason to need to carry around that silly dongle in order to use my headphones or car auxiliary jack.