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Qik Android video streaming app gets on-device editing, sharing

August 5, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Qik Android video streaming app gets on-device editing, sharing

A newer version of the Qik video streaming Android app was uploaded to the Android Market today, adding new features like on-phone editing and contact shortcuts for sharing videos. Qik, released previously as an alpha with some major bugs and shortcomings, now supports an offline mode that allows users to record a video and then trim it. Moving the starting and ending points of a slider edits out unwanted portions, and Qik then uploads the edited footage once a user enables Online mode.

Another feature added is the shortcut that makes sharing video or announcing live streams to contacts on your phone, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Go to Settings > Sharing > Shortcuts to enable the feature and choose if you will notify contacts via SMS or email.

Other things that I’ve noticed since we last mentioned Qik is that the app has improved video quality. There are still blips rather than a complete flowing video, but Qik has improved on my biggest complaint. The archive feature used to always cut out the first and last 10-25 seconds of my videos but I haven’t seen that happen yet. There are also less occurences of dead air where the camera freezes for five seconds and suddenly picks up again. They’ll have to keep improving video quality, but I’m anxious to see this app in a stable form.

A video I took earlier this morning at a local T-Mobile store.