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Photos of a Samsung Android phone headed for Sprint emerge

August 19, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Photos of a Samsung Android phone headed for Sprint emerge

Sprint’s Samsung InstinctQ is ready to expose itself to the world. An anonymous tipster has posted spyshots of the device that definitively show Android running on the Samsung product and reveals some of the things we can expect from the Sprint Android phone.

The InstinctQ comes with a slide-out, full QWERTY keyboard. I didn’t expect that since my sister-in-law’s Instinct Sprint phone is all touchscreen and I assumed the Android version would be as well. But as you can tell from these photos, Samsung created a new device rather than simply porting over an old one with new make-up.

It’s hard to tell just how nice the phone is from these photos – it looks slimmer than the G1 even though both have keyboards, but that can’t be confirmed. It also has created more space between the hardware buttons, which I kind of like in theory but wonder how well it work/feel when the device is in-hand.

Sprint is scheduled to get the “Samsung Q” on October 11th according to previous rumors, so expect to see the Instinct hit Sprint stores this October if those rumors are true. We’re more than halfway through August, so Sprint better get this promotion wheel going if they want to sprint ahead in the crowded holiday season Android device market.