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Layar “reality browser” app now available in all Android Markets

August 17, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


Layar “reality browser” app now available in all Android Markets

Augmented reality app Layar is now available in Android Markets across the globe, according to an announcement from Layar. Originally released in June for the Netherlands, Layar is now available in several other countries and has added content layers from Wikipedia, Twitter, Brightkite, and more.

Layar is a “reality browser” that uses an Android phone’s camera, compass, and GPS position to add real-time information about surroundings. Walk down a city street and point your camera at an unfamiliar monument or business, and Layar may be able to bring up a Wikipedia article about that monument or a review of the restaurant, bar, or nightclub. It can even find out real estate info on a house or show the nearest bank. The reality browser picks up Points of Interests in several forms and usages.

Layar has developed content layers for places across the globe and granted third-party developers access to an API, creating more resources for local information. Developers have already used it to create hotspot locators in Japan and Flickr support in other places. Interested developers can obtain one of the 500 API keys available at The company says the app should now be available in all Android-accessible countries and markets.