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HTC will update Hero to address performance issues

August 19, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


HTC will update Hero to address performance issues

HTC Hero owners experiencing lags or other technical difficulties on their phone will be happy to know that HTC is working on a device update to address the problems. Many users, and several journalists/bloggers who reviewed the Hero, expressed a similar opinion: Sense is mind-blowing and incredible….but it’s also incredibly slow at times.

Sense will get some tweaks from HTC within the “coming weeks” that will enhance its performance, according to the HTC support team. HTC Source has pegged that date to be sometime within the next 10 days, and the update will supply some bug fixes and plug a few holes to fix the lag problems. The Hero will also get updates to add more language support and some minor changes to the Android operating system. The update will appear on the support center website when finished.

Hero addicts are sure to be pleased by the new update. If you’re one of the people who loved Hero but couldn’t deal with the performance problems of your device, this update may warrant a second look.


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