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HTC Click and Hero heading to China

August 3, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


HTC Click and Hero heading to China

It seems like our Chinese friends are the first group of consumers promised to get their hands on the HTC Click Android phone. A subsidiary of HTC is expected to bring the Click, along with the HTC Hero, to Chinese customers later this year. HTC said that an Asian version of the Hero would be released this year, and the Click will hop over the Great Wall along with it.

HTC-owned company Dopod plans to bring three Android phones to China, something no other company has done. The “low-end” Click is expected to cost 3,400 yuan ($500) when it is released at the end of the year. The Click comes with detachable faceplates, similar to the the T-Mobile USA myTouch3g, which has replaceable back covers.

Let’s hope this release will speed up the learning process about the device and what exactly makes it low end compared to other Android phones.

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