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Even more images of the unnamed Android MID surface

August 25, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Even more images of the unnamed Android MID surface

We have seen images of this yet to be named Android MID making the rounds for a few weeks now, and once again there has been another set released. Unfortunately, while this latest set of images does provide some nice views, it once again comes with no details which ultimately means we still have a mystery device.

Some are speculating that this could be the Archos device that is expected to be released on September 15, and the timing would seem appropriate. Otherwise, the team over at SlashGear have suggested that it may be the Wallet MID that is upcoming from eviGroup.

The Wallet MID is expected to be available sometime before the end of the year and will be featuring a 5-inch touchscreen display and be a “unit halfway between a cellphone and a TabletPC.”

Basically, what we have is a nice looking device that is still a mystery.

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