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Droidify – the Spotify Android app until we get the real Spotify Android app

August 20, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


Droidify – the Spotify Android app until we get the real Spotify Android app

UPDATE: This application had a short life-span. After being contacted by Spotify that this app violates their deal with record companies, the developer of Droidify removed it from the Android Market. Sorry, folks.

Android fans outside the United States often gripe about the lack of certain apps in their markets. While it’s perfectly understandable to get frustrated about app makers snubbing them, non-U.S. Android fans can at least stick their tongues out at Americans when it comes to Spotify. A group of Spotify fans have built and released Droidify, an unofficial Spotify client that allows PREMIUM members to “search, browse, manage playlists, and listen to millions of songs available from Spotify on your phone.”

Spotify is a music streaming service with a large song library that is currently available only to a select number of countries (an elite fraternity that does not include most U.S. users). Without having to download songs, Spotify creates user libraries and provides access to tons of songs. The official app, which has wowed viewers in a video demo, even plays music without a data connection.

Droidify lacks that capability, but it at least grants access to Spotify for anxious premium members. This seems like a nice appetizer until the official Spotify Android app is released. Droidify plays songs over Wi-Fi or 3G and is a free application available in the Android Market.

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