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DoubleTwist will sync Android with your photos, music, and videos

August 14, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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DoubleTwist will sync Android with your photos, music, and videos

Have you tired of copying new music, photos, and videos to your SD card? Do you want to stop having to pick and choose which wallpapers or downloaded YouTube videos are new before transferring files on your SD card? Frustrated user, meet DoubleTwist, a free computer program that syncs media between your PC/Mac and your Android device.

Double Twist acts as a mediator between computers and several devices, automatically updating your phone with recent changes to your library. In an iTunes reminiscent environment, your media library or selected playlists and folders will be transferred and updated every time a device is plugged in and sync is initiated. Double Twist can:

  • Automatically convert videos into formats compatible with G1/Dream and Magic/myTouch
  • Auto-download and store YouTube videos on device
  • Import and sync your entire iTunes library (if it can fit on your SD Card)
  • Sync a smart playlist. For instance, you can create rules to only sync rock songs added within the past month or the 50 songs you play most often
  • Sync only designated folders, such as an “Android” folder used to store wallpapers or a video subfolder of MP4′s.

I’ve been using DoubleTwist for roughly a week and am satisfied with it so far. Using Smart playlists has allowed me to easily import new music onto the phone and I have my wallpapers folder stored in one central location, a process I’m very happy to accelerate. It’s not like copying files to the SD card manually is that big of a hassle, but I change content on my phone very frequently and its nice to have something to cut down on that workload, however slight it may be.

Download DoubleTwist and then read the set-up instructions to start syncing your media