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Android users can make Pre-like gestures with Open Gesture Pro home screen app

August 4, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android users can make Pre-like gestures with Open Gesture Pro home screen app

Android home screen replacement app Open Gesture Pro has been added to the Android Market, debuting what is arguably the most shortcut-friendly home screen app available to Android. There’s already aHome, dxTop, Open Home, and Sweeter Home, so what’ does Open Gesture Pro bring to the table? The app’s name is obviously telling.

Open Gesture adds gesture support for launching shortcuts for common applications and settings. An up gesture launches toggle shortcuts for  Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, etc, and it offers support for user-defined actions that lead to contacts, apps, files, or bookmarks. For instance, thumbing an ‘S’ can be a shortcut to contact your girlfriend Susan.

And those gestures function across Android. By enabling the “Camera Button” shortcut in Open Gesture Pro preferences, the gesture area can be launched by pressing a device’s Camera button. If you’re in the Browser and want to launch the YouTube app without going to the app drawer, just press the camera button and enter the ‘Y’  gesture you created for YouTube. (If you have Snap Photo Pro, you may have some issues with launching the camera button shortcut feature).

Other features include:

  • Create and define gestures - Users can create a gesture for a variety of shortcuts and edit or delete them.
  • Device Health – Swipe down and see an update about available memory, battery level, and SD card space
  • Built-in toggle support - Swipe up to quickly edit GPS, WiFi, bluetooth, Vibrate, Fast Bright, Volume Control, or Airplane mode settings.
  • Multiple screens - Open Gesture has five screens that can be browsed horizontally.
  • Theme support - Open Gesture can load themes designed for Open Home and aHome.

I’ve been a beta tester for Open Gesture app and can tell you that you’ll find some of the same problems as any other home screen app – loading too many widgets affects performance and running low on memory will lead to force close errors. However this has greatly improved since I first got my hands on it. The app’s creators recommending restarting after install so you have clean memory to work with and improved performance.

Open Gesture Pro is available for $4.99. Visit for more information.