Voice Text turns your speech into text in Android apps

July 29, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Voice Text turns your speech into text in Android apps

A group of United States senators are in a tiffy about drivers who send text messages while driving. They say it leads to driver distraction and traffic accidents, which has inevitably led to lawmakers working to ban texting-while-driving. Save these distinguished gentlemen the trouble and just use the Voice Text Android application.

Voice Text turns any Android device into a dictation machine using Android’s voice recognition software. The main portion of the app transcribes short messages into text for almost-eye-free texting. Speak into the phone and your comments will be converted into an SMS message.

Oh, and did I mention that it works Android-wide? Voice Text will turn your words into text in Gmail, notepads, Twitter apps, and practically any app that accepts an input method.

I don’t want to oversell Voice Text’s virtues because you will experience errors and there is a learning curve in getting your point across for transcribing. However, Voice Text’s usefulness increases with a little practice. The app enables users to make eyes-free communication in various apps and will probably be useful to slow-typing Android supporters or drivers who need to communicate.

Again, there will be errors, but the app comes with tips to improve accuracy. Enunciation and pace are a must! Also be conscious that some myTouch 3g users report being unable to use the app. Try out Voice Text to see if it’s worth using.

App: Voice Text
Price: $1.29

How to Set-Up Voice Text in Other Android Apps

  1. Press Menu > Settings > “Locale & text”
  2. Check the “Voice Text” button to enable the app
  3. Open an Android app and long press on the input field (where you usually enter text)
  4. Press “Input Method” and select “Voice Text”
  5. Tap the input field once more and press “Start” to begin
  6. Record your message and press back once you are satisfied with transcription
  7. Tap the Input field, tap your text and complete your message