Tips: Follow the Android Market with an RSS reader (for beginners)

July 17, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Tips: Follow the Android Market with an RSS reader (for beginners)

Android fans probably spend quite a bit of time searching for new apps in the Android Market. Whether you browse the Android Market with your morning coffee or at night while you watch the evening news, it’s how you stay informed about what’s available for your Android phone.

There is an alternative method that provides a quick glance at what’s new in the Android Market. and make browsing the Android Market on a PC easy thanks to RSS feeds. An RSS feed is web content sent to another source like Google Reader, Yahoo, or Bloglines. It enables people to quickly look at information from several sources without having to bounce from website-to-website.

In the case of Cyrket and AndroLib, their RSS feeds provide listings for new apps that link to their website where comments, content, and ratings pulled directly from the Android Market are available. Here is a beginner’s tutorial showing how to follow the Android Market with an RSS reader.

1. Find and choose an RSS reader

There are a number of websites, desktop clients, and Android apps that can serve as RSS readers. Whichever you choose is entirely up to you. I use Google Reader because it’s one of the easiest to use and it can sync with some Android apps.

2. Choose between Cyrket or AndroLib website

Cyrket and AndroLib provide the same information, so there is no need to subscribe to both feeds. However, AndroLib has three features not offered by Cyrket: 1) it provides screenshots for some apps (2) it can subscribe to only new Games, only Apps, or both (3) supports the British, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish markets.

Which do you prefer? Show me Cyrket or Show me AndroLib

3a. If you chose Cyrket…

…You probably just want straight-to-the-point “what’s new?” listings. Ok, now let’s subscribe.

  1. Visit and click “Newest Content.”
  2. Click on the RSS logo and you should be directed to a page asking how to subscribe.
  3. In Firefox, select Google from the “Subscribe to this feed using” menu and check “Always use Google to subscribe to feeds” and submit.
    In Internet Explorer, Chrome, or any other browser, copy and paste the URL and log-in to Google Reader. Click the “Add a Subscription” button and enter the address. Voila, you’re done.


3b. If you chose AndroLib…

…You either want updates only on Games, Apps, or a non-US Market listing. Ok, let’s subscribe.

  1. Visit and scroll to the bottom of the page to find the “RSS Feeds” link.
  2. Select which Android Market nation/language or category you wish to subscribe
  3. From the “Subscribe Now” section, press the Google button and then press “Add to Google Reader.” That’s it


4. Download apps with Barcode Scanner

Rather than open the Android Market app and search for a new app, scan the QR Code found on each site. Launch the Barcode Scanner Android app and place it over the QR code displayed on-screen. Scanning the image will provide a direct link to the Android Market entry.


5. Install Better GReader

The simple part is over; however, you can make things easier on yourself if you have Firefox. Install the Better GReader Firefox extension to see the page content without having to go directly to the website. Rather than clicking the link in the RSS feed, you will be able to load Cyrket or AndroLib postings within Google Reader.

Be mindful that you can follow this same process to follow RSS feeds provided by Androinica, blogs, sports websites, newspapers, and other sources. Just look for the RSS icon:


You can also participate in the #androidapps Twitter program to promote new apps or discover what others recommend.