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T-Mobile USA releases aHome-style homescreen alternative app

July 30, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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T-Mobile USA releases aHome-style homescreen alternative app

T-Mobile USA has joined the creative ranks of Android home screen alternative makers with the release of FreshFace. The customization app geared towards use on the myTouch3g, but compatible with the G1 with some errors, hit the Market yesterday and is already helping thousands of users take more control of their Android home screen.

FreshFace is home screen modding for dummies – simple and hand-holding in nature. The app was created by mAPPn, the same development team behind aHome, and will “always be free” courtesy of T-Mobile. It provides a step-by-step process for loading themes, widgets, and modifying the overall look of the screen.

Sticking with the myTouch theme, FreshFace adds a great deal of customization thanks to its theme profiles. Users can select a theme based on their personality – like a runner, for instance – and the app generates a runner-friendly profile: serene photo wallpaper, weather widget to plan run times, and icons that reflect an outdoorsman lifestyle. Advanced users won’t be too impressed, but this is exactly the kind of simplicity that will get newer Android users excited.

  • FreshFace downloads several widgets for free like Quick Tweet, Quick Note, Weather, and more
  • FreshFace has downloadable themes; YES, that includes the ability to load aHome themes.
  • FreshFace can save theme settings and content layout for later use.

NOTE: aHome Full customers don’t need to worry about their app being abandoned, even though it hasn’t been updated recently. A mAPPn rep said this in the support forum:

FreshFace is basically going to be aHome lite while aHome paid will keep it’s original name and be more feature packed then FreshFace will be. People who paid for aHome full won’t have to worry about buying anything again or suddenly a new app will be out and this one will be obsolete. aHome full will continue to be worked on and updated with more and more features. Also, aHome can work on both G1 and MyTouch phones and FreshFace can be only used on the MyTouch phone.