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T-Mobile AppPack now available for download, still does not include Sherpa

July 23, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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T-Mobile AppPack now available for download, still does not include Sherpa

The T-Mobile AppPack is now available for download, but that does come with a little bit of bad news.

In regards to the AppPack, basically it is just a collection of apps which include Sherpa, World Tour, Visual Voicemail, myAccount, Hotspot Locator, imeem, Movies by Flixster, Facebook and Enhance Phone Book. Of course, there are some nice apps that are included in those nine such as Sherpa and Visual Voicemail, but that is where the bad news comes in to play.

As of now, those who download and install the AppPack will only be greeted with five of those nine applications and sadly Sherpa and Visual Voicemail and not included. So far, the AppPack is missing Sherpa, Visual Voicemail, Hotspot Locator and Facebook.

That said, it looks like those remaining apps will be added with time, according to a forum posting that came courtesy of a T-Mobile rep;

“We are evaluating issues with the AppPack and will circle back with updates. We understand many of the applications are missing and thank you for your patience.”

Finally, for those that want to go ahead with the install now, just read and follow the link below.

Hopefully by now you’ve had the chance to make your myTouch reflect you, inside and out! Today, we’re excited to announce that the new T-Mobile ‘AppPack’ is available for Champions, including the much-anticipated Sherpa application. In addition, ‘Work Email’ Exchange support has been issued broadly. Set up instructions for both are included below.
With only 3 weeks left until the launch of myTouch, we ask that Champions continue to lead by example and learn the phone, explore the marketplace and showcase how you’ve personalized your phone with your teammates. Let’s make this phone the most popular employee phone on your team!
AppPack?The AppPack, a “super app” that houses a number of T-Mobile recommended applications, is now ready for use. You can download it by clicking on this URL from your myTouch device and following the below instructions: .
Applications include:
• Sherpa
• World Tour (Previously Le’ Tour Eiffel)
• Visual Voicemail
• myAccount
• Hotspot Locator
• imeem
• Movies by Flixster
• Facebook
• Enhance Phone Book
To ensure the download and installation is successful on your myTouch:
1. Select: Menu >Settings >Applications. Check the box to allow install of non-Marketplace apps (i.e. “Unknown Sources”).
2. In ‘browser’ type the URL:
3. Select the AppPack.apk and install.
4. Once downloaded, the AppPack icon will appear in the App Drawer.
5. Select and drag the app to the Home screen.
Please note: You will need to re-download at the time of national launch, August 5. Again, this is a unique customer experience for Retail Champions that gives a “sneak peek” at these applications before launch. At launch, customers will receive an SMS with the link to the AppPack and be able to download all of them directly to their phone from the marketplace.

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