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Sony’s rumored Android UI seen on video

July 8, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Sony’s rumored Android UI seen on video

Images of Sony Ericsson’s alleged Android device “Rachael” recently hit the net, and a supposed video of that alleged device has done the same. If this truly is the new user interface for Sony that is supposed to accompany its Android phone, allow me to be the first to raise an eyebrow.

Rachael’s overall design is another interesting take on Android design. We’ve already seen how HTC revolutionized the Android platform with its Sense UI, and Sony Ericsson has also done a great job of integrating social media, multimedia, contacts, and core functioning into a nicely re-done package. Contacts and songs are shown in stacks, the home screen features several screens and a dock, and there is a streamlined display of communication with others.


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