New Motorola Morrison spy shot emerges

July 21, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

Android Phones and Devices

New Motorola Morrison spy shot emerges

The Motorola Morrison, originally suspected to be Moto’s first Android-powered phone, has been spotted again sporting Android. A spy shot posted to Phandroid shows the Morrison running the Green Bot, showing what could very well be the next Android phone to hit the US market.

The Morrison has a slideout QWERTY keyboard and bright blue and black color scheme to go with a more cartoonish set of app icons. Though the first image leaked of the device showed a rim/front cover that was more white, this one has black. It looks a little more frugal than the other Android phones, so this will likely be part of the low and mid-tier solutions Motorola was expected to offer.

Who would want such a device? Maybe someone looking to upgrade from a Sidekick. Maybe someone looking to get their first smartphone but wants something less complicated than what they’ve seen. Maybe someone who just likes the look. We’ll know when more information on specs and pricing emerges.