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More questions raised regarding carrier of HTC Hero Android phone

July 31, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


More questions raised regarding carrier of HTC Hero Android phone

The HTC Hero now has it’s own will she or won’t she level of fame. First suspected for T-Mobile, then suspected for Sprint, then tapped for AT&T, and skipping along the rumor circuit to wind back at Sprint again?

That’s the word based on a post on the XDA Developer’s Forums. A site member first claimed back in April that his wireless developer company received word from a U.S. carrier that it would release the HTC Hero in the United States on October 11, 2009. That member has since updated his thread with an image showing release dates for a few device launches.


Now, suspend your cynic gaze for a moment and acknowledge this could easily be forged, but pretend its not. Notice anything special? Aside from the Samsung Q being another Android phone, suspected to be coming to Sprint, we see that the list also includes the Blackberry Aries, a CDMA phone. As Sprint and Verizon are the only major CDMA networks in the U.S., it would seem the phone would have to be tied to one of those companies, right? Well, the Q’s “SPH…” model number reflects that it’s likely heading to Sprint, so the image seems to make sense.

Ok, put your cynic gaze back on and realize that this doesn’t make sense when combined with the earlier belief that the Hero was heading to AT&T. FCC filings for the Hero posted earlier this month revealed that the device was approved for bands 850/1900 MHZ, which AT&T uses.

These are two incompatible suggestions, leading me to wonder just who the heck is getting the HTC Hero in the United States? The only thing we know for sure is that it won’t be T-Mobile.