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Introducing the Android Network Awards

July 16, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

Android News

Introducing the Android Network Awards

Movies have the Oscars, music has the Grammys, and Android has the Android Network Awards. Members of several Android blogs have come together to reward the leading developers and innovators who work to make Android better.

The Android Network Awards (ANA’s) is designed to highlight the best of the best. Readers will have the chance to provide direct feedback and contribute to the voting process to determine award winners. Categories have not been finalized, but organizers are working hard to choose the awards and nominees to honor.

Aside from, other participants in the Android Network Awards include AndroidandMe, AndroidTapp, AndroidGuys, AndroidPT (Portugese), AndroidBloke (UK), AndroLib, ClarkLab (Designer), GoogleandBlog, and HTC Source. More sites are set to participate to encourage a wider range of voices.

The preliminary list of categories is as follows:

1. Best Widget

2. Best Media Player

3. Best Location-Based App

4. Best Social Networking App

5. Best Family Game

6. Best VoiceMail App

7. Best Use of Barcode

8. Best Weather Utility

9. Best Twitter App

10. Best Game

11. Best WOW Factor App

12. Best Email App

13. Best Organization/Productivity App

14. Best security app

15. Best sports app

16. Best GPS app

17. Best streaming music app

18. Best tool app

19. Best fitness app

20. Best developer or dev team

21. Best custom build of Android

22. Best hack

23. Best home replacement app

24. Best shopping app

25. Best camera app

Expect to hear more details about the ANA’s in the coming days. We have selected a tentative date of releasing categories Monday, July 20. Don’t hesitate to provide suggestions in the comment section!

Below is the preliminary itinerary:

Date — Event
7/14 Announce promotion on podcast. Android Network Awards Committee begins to select 25 categories.
7/15 Announce Android Network Awards across all network sites.
7/20* Top 25 categories are announced with up to 5 entries picked by the committee. Public nominations begin for any apps missed.
7/27* Announce the official 5-7 entries for each of the 25 categories. Create polls and share embed codes.
8/03 Final Voting begins across all network sites.
8/10 Announce Android Network Awards Winners!

*Dates subject to change