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Android + Google Voice + GUAVA = SIM-Free calling options?

July 24, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android + Google Voice + GUAVA = SIM-Free calling options?

Google Android device owners who have accounts from both Google Voice and may be able to make and receive phone calls even if they don’t have a SIM card in their device. An experimental app named GUAVA, which stands for GoogleVoice Unauthorized Android Voice Application, links Google Voice and Gizmo5 accounts, allowing consumers to make calls without using their network minutes or even a SIM card.

I’ve heard of Android users adding their GV number to T-Mobile myFaves for more free calls, but this is one of the first solutions I’ve found for non-myFaves subscribers. In fact, GUAVA bypasses carriers altogether by connecting to Wi-Fi networks and delivering contract-free communication to:

  • Cell phones and landlines
  • SMS messages
  • Skype users
  • GoogleTalk users

NOTE: I was able to receive several free calls and SMS messages while testing the app; however, outgoing calls require purchasing call-out credits from Gizmo5.

The GUAVA/Google Voice link may prove useful to travelers or people who cannot find access to their network. I have visited friends and family members in areas where T-Mobile connections were not present whatsoever. This may come in handy if I find myself in a similar situation and have an Internet connection available.

Download GUAVA for Android from Gizmo5 and follow this tutorial to get it running. PLEASE BE ADVISED that you must give GUAVA your Google credentials.


1. Sign-up for a account. Once you have completed the registration process, log-in to the members section and copy your Gizmo5 number, which should start with 747.

2. Log-in to your Google Voice page. Press “Settings” > “Phones”

3. Click the “Add another phone” link and enter your Gizmo5 number. Select “Gizmo” as number type and validate the new line

4. Download GUAVA from Gizmo5 and copy it onto your microSD card.

5. Use Astro or a file explorer to install guava.apk

6. Open GUAVA and enter all of the appropriate account information.

7. Turn on Wi-Fi and connect to a network

Once the yellow dot in your notification bar turns green, you should be ready to go.