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T-Mobile’s having something special on June 28

June 5, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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T-Mobile’s having something special on June 28

An announcement for an upcoming event recently went out to T-Mobile employees urging them to “save the date” of June 28. Typically with these types of announcements there are some, at least one good clue contained within, however that is not true this time.

The invitation simply reads “Bright Lights coming soon…” with the date of June 28, 2009. I would like to hope that we are going to see an announcement for the myTouch 3G, after all that would fit in with the “early summer” timeline. Of course, the recently leaked box art for the myTouch 3G does not seem to match up with the Bright Lights tagline.

Sadly though all of the hope to see the myTouch 3G announced may be a waste of time because according to a “trusted tipster” from TmoNews, they are “pretty confident” that this is not a phone release, but instead a revamping of the way customers are going to be treated in the store. Granted that would be nice to see, but I would rather be treated a little on the poor side and have another Android phone to check out.