T-Mobile USA’s “Mobile Makeover” campaign goes beyond commercials

June 4, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


T-Mobile USA’s “Mobile Makeover” campaign goes beyond commercials

T-Mobile USA announced that it is once again lowering its prices. The deals aren’t particularly mind-blowing in Android terms, but they reveal that T-Mobile is working hard to attract and retain customers. T-Mobile USA clearly recognizes that it needs to be more appealing now that the Palm Pre and a rejuvenated iPhone are expected to boost rival carriers Sprint and AT&T.

Mobile Makeover

The biggest effort of T-Mobile USA is its “Mobile Makeover” campaign starring the lovely Catherine Zeta-Jones. The company is spending money to market and promote, an independent website that compares cell phone plans among several carriers and returns which company is best for each individual.

Why is T-Mobile spending their own money to promote a service that may not find them to be the best carrier? Well, T-Mobile believes it does have the best plan available for most US customers and thinks BillShrink will help prove it. Chief Marketing Officer Denny Marie Post said in a statement:

“While we may not come out on top each and every time, we believe a majority of people will see T-Mobile offers them the value they want, and the best experience in wireless.”

Androinica encouraged readers to use BillShrink and also try to find a better cell phone plan a few weeks back. T-Mobile feels confident enough to do the same, hoping to not only attract new customers by offering low-cost plans, but also retain subscribers with great deals to prevent them from jumping to another carrier.

Customer Service

You also may have noticed a revamped page and improved service in the Plans, Services, and Features section of the Support Forums. T-Mobile USA is even using Twitter to provide some quick technical and general support for subscribers. Follow or @reply @tmobile_usa to get help or questions answered (often within an hour).

T-Mobile is aggressively trying to improve its service with these new campaigns and features. Of course, if it really wants to build its profile, they can do what their competitors are doing: introduce more headline-grabbing phones.