T-Mobile G1 supports shortcuts in browser

June 11, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

Google Android

T-Mobile G1 supports shortcuts in browser

T-Mobile G1 owners who use Gmail in the web browser should notice some new tricks available. Google has announced that not only does the mobile version of now have faster auto-completion, there’s also support for the same keyboard shortcuts available in the desktop version of Gmail.

The new features require a physical keyboard in order to work, so this currently applies only to G1 owners and the US English language Gmail. If you have such a phone and account, the to/recipient field will now respond with a list of suggested addresses after two letters have been entered, faster than before.

Shortcuts will also add some speed to using Gmail mobile. For instance typing ‘u’ returns to the inbox and ‘s’ starts a new message. Again, this requires a physical keyboard, so HTC Magic users will be unable to use these shortcuts.

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