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T-Mobile branded myTouch 3G; in-the-wild style images

June 15, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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T-Mobile branded myTouch 3G; in-the-wild style images

We have seen a few goodies in regards to the myTouch 3G, however this latest appears to offer a little more evidence that a launch is becoming imminent. Of course, we are still waiting on an official announcement from T-Mobile, but in the meantime we have a few images of the handset sporting a T-Mobile logo.

Overall, this set does not reveal anything overly exciting, we have a snapshot of the front, the rear and one showing off the “No SIM card” message. According to the posting over at Android Forums these images were snapped by “someone who was handed the phone by Google.”

The myTouch 3G coming to T-Mobile will (at least for the time being) round out the Android options nicely giving users a choice of having either the G1 with a virtual and hardware keyboard and the slightly sexier looking myTouch 3G with only the virtual keyboard.