Rumor: T-Mobile attacked by data thieves

June 8, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


Rumor: T-Mobile attacked by data thieves

Sensitive data from T-Mobile USA has allegedly been compromised by a group of unknown hackers. Though T-Mobile has not released any information about the validity of the claims, a post on features someone claiming to have stolen financial information, confidential operations info, and customer data from T-Mobile.

If true, sensitive info like subscriber names and Social Security numbers may have been compromised. The person making the claim stated that they attempted to sell all of the stolen data to T-Mobile’s competitors but were turned away, leading them to make the same offer to the highest bidder.

T-Mobile subscribers will have to be on alert if the hackers claims to “have everything” are true. Having a customer’s name and Social Security numbers allows them to steal someone’s identity or make fraudulent purchases.

T-Mobile has yet to confirm or deny the reported attack.

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