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Rumor: Sony working on an Android powered Walkman

June 9, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Rumor: Sony working on an Android powered Walkman

Personally, and still to this day, when I hear the term Walkman I think of the giant yellow cassette player from the 80′s. Of course, this latest announcement may be preparing to change my mental image from something that is outdated and old to something that is current and possibly even hot.

Sony is rumored to be in the process of working on an Android powered Walkman.

Anyway, this rumor is coming courtesy of Impress, who are unfortunately offering few details other than that the navigation for the device will be Android based. According to Impress, this information is coming from unnamed sources within Sony.

While, I cannot say if I am fully believing these rumors they do have a strange way of sounding pretty logical. After all, the Sony Walkman is not a bad line of players, they just do not have the catch that others on the market have right now. Given an Android base that could change, especially considering if it were to be an iPod touch or Zune HD like device. After all, the Android Market is already in place, not to mention the possibility of having a nice touchscreen and built-in web browser. Honestly this almost sounds a little more appealing to me that an Android powered netbook.

Again, this is going back to the rumor, but according to those same sources the device could be launched sometime early next year.

[Impress] [image courtesy Flickr user photophonic]