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Rumor: Samsung Bigfoot is the everchanging phone

June 11, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


Bigfoot is a mythical creature, but the “Bigfoot” Android phone is more like X-Men’s Mystique: just when you think you know her, it turns out that the blue vixen can look completely different.

The Bigfoot, first thought to be a Motorola redo of the G1 or a Samsung product for T-Mobile, has recently been reported to be a Samsung phone with G1-like phone with a similar chin, OS, and slide-out keyboard. According to Boy Genius Report, this is the “Bigfoot” phone that’s supposed to come to T-Mobile soon.


I’m a little confused about this, however. The rendering makes it seem like the Bigfoot packs a chin that HTC has slated for its Android phones. Why would Samsung adopt something from another company that serves no function and actually isn’t a great design feature?

Secondly, there’s no call, home, back, or end call buttons. I was under the impression that Android devices, at least the phones, needed non-touchscreen buttons. How are apps and functions that respond to those four buttons going to operate? Will there be a touchscreen option or will that scroll-wheel-button hybrid render that moot? If this really is the Bigfoot, it will be interesting to see how Samsung handles that issue.