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Qik Android app hits Android Market

June 23, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Qik bit of news here; Qik is available for Android. Video streaming site Qik added a beta Android client to the Android Market this morning, adding support for it’s live streaming from mobile phones. The live video enables friends and strangers alike to share videos taken directly from their Android cell phone.

Qik videos are broadcast live and automatically archived for later use unless deleted. The videos can also be shared through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube just like Android’s default video camera app. Privacy settings allow content to be shared just with known contacts or visibile to all who log-on to

A membership is required to use Qik. You can sign up online or from directly within the app. Doing it within the app is actually a faster process.

I’ve been playing with the app this morning and have a few personal observations based on my experience:

  • The live stream often shortens out, loses video/audio, pauses, and then suddenly opens up again. I’ve also experienced portions of my video not being archived, typically the first or last 10 seconds. I made several attempts at streaming and the archive kept only 3 seconds of a 17 second clip, 10 seconds of a 30-second clip, and other incosistencies. UPDATE: After continuing to test it out some more, I HAVE gotten better results with the archiving, but not the streaming. There’s still several stops and an understandable lag (about 15-20 seconds).
  • You should use WiFi whenever possible. If you’re on an inconsistent 3G or steady EDGE connection, you may experience some lag. I had some problems even under WiFi, but there was a noticeable difference in streaming speed.
  • It’s better to hold the phone in landscape (sideways) view because holding it upright forces viewers to tilt their head to see your video clearly.