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Android to get Kyte, Google Books, and Rummble support

June 19, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


Android to get Kyte, Google Books, and Rummble support

Android apps relating to Kyte, Google Books, and Rummble may come to Android in late summer/early fall, according to a video posted by Mobile Crunch. A third-party development group named Droiders is working on apps that support the three internet tools, and they may arrive as early as September 2009.

Kyte, a video service that can broadcast live video, is personally the most appealing of the group of apps in development. An Android device’s camera would be able to stream live video to the web for live chats and other interactive sessions. Best of all, the Droiders rep says video can be streamed from mobile-to-mobile phone.

Bookdroid would be a Google Books companion that can search a title or barcode/ISBN and bring up that work’s information in Google Books. Users could then read the book and navigate through pages if it appears in the GB database.

Rummble would tie into the UK-based social search tool of the same name. Using an Android device’s GPS, Rummble would find nearby friends, restaurants, businesses, shopping centers, and more based on recommendations from people with similar tastes.

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