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Android may get a better Facebook app soon

June 8, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android may get a better Facebook app soon

A “real” Facebook Android app? Thousands of Android fans have wondered when they would see one, only to be dissatisfied with wrappers and incomplete Facebook apps in the Android Market. A real Facebook app may finally come once The Facebook Android App is released.

Still under development, TFAA looks to be the first Android app to get Facebook right. Though Facebook has declined to develop an official app for Android, independent developer Dimitris Couchell plans to bring many of social-networking website’s most prominent features to Android, including:

  • The ability to comment on or “like/unlike” FB status (yes!)
  • Friend feeds that include status updates, wall-to-wall posts, photo uploads, comments, and YouTube video posts
  • Real-time loading and filtering of activity stream
  • Notifications for upcoming events, birthdays, and new comments
  • Improved photo and photo album support/navigation
  • Tag photos and view photo tags

Dimitris Couchell has chronicled his efforts to build a Facebook application for Android at his FBAndroid blog. The progress showcased on the blog, and the Facebook group in support of the project, is a promising sign of what’s to come. Couchell’s app seems to fill in many of the gaps left by other Facebook apps that either have limited features or just wrap the FB mobile website.

The tentative release schedule for this app is late June – early July. Couchell hopes to be finished within the next six weeks but cautions that there’s still “room for improvement” and more work left to be done. You can count on a full review from Androinica once the app is released.