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Android Apps Alert Vol. 2: #androidapps for #Android

June 14, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android Apps Alert Vol. 2: #androidapps for #Android

Looking for great apps in the Android Market? Good luck. The Android Market is growing faster than it is improving, so finding that next great app is a challenge. encourages users to tweet great apps with the #androidapps tag on Twitter, and we plan to incorporate that into our periodic notifications of new, updated, or useful apps. Get to downloading and keep telling us about those exciting #androidapps.

Here is the second installment of our Android App Alert series.


Nesoid ($1.99)

Nesoid is the emulator that  T-Mobile G1 / HTC Dream phone owners have been waiting on. It plays Nintendo 8-bit games with practically no lag (60 fps). The images in Nesoid are smooth, the sound is a little choppy at times but solid, and the Dream’s physical keyboard acts as the controller (keys are customizable). Nesoid can even save or load game progress as a “state,” allowing users to backup achievements or end a gaming session without fear of losing progress. Users will have to download ROM’s from the Internet and place them on the SD card; a simple Google search should provide all that you need. Be sure to understand the legalities of ROM/emulator gaming.


Courtesy of: @willwritecode: #androidapps NESOID is sweet. Don’t forget about the upcoming SNES emulator SuperGNES:


Hungry or bored in an unfamiliar area? Fire up NRU and use its compass to locate restaurants, bars, attractions, and shopping centers in your immediate area. NRU, the work of Zagat and, takes advantage of the 40,0000 locations, ratings, and professional reviews available to Zagat. It also provides some great links to nightlife and commercial centers. Performance and accuracy may be affected by your city/location, so keep that it mind. This is a useful app for foodies, frequent travelers, and anyone else who needs help finding a place to spend time and money. Rah (Restaurant Guide) is another app you may want to use. [read more about NRU]

zagat1 zagat2

Key Ring Barcode Scanner ($1.99)

Does your key ring have an army of club cards crowding your keys? Do friends tease you about that George Costanza-sized wallet stocked with membership, library, or rewards cards? It might be time to purchase Key Ring Barcode Scanner, an app that stores barcodes of various membership cards and stores them in the phone. Key Ring opens the card info when you’re in line at AutoZone, CVS, or Finish Line, allowing the store clerk to scan account info directly from the barcode displayed on an Android device. This does not work on Flatbed scanners, so do not attempt if your store/library uses flatbed scanners.


Puzzle Blox (€2.95 / $4.13 USD / ? 2.5 GPD )
* Puzzle Blox Lite is free

Puzzle Blox is — you guessed it — a puzzle-based game for Android. The object of the game is to rearrange colored blocks into groups of at least 3 so they can be removed until the board has been cleared. Gamers have to be mindful of which blocks they remove because getting rid of one too soon could make it impossible to win the game.  Time constraints, obstacles that impede paths to grouping blocks, and the need to alternate between landscape and portrait modes add to the brain-teasing gameplay.


TwitterRide (FREE)

Twidroid may be the most popular Android Twitter app at the moment, but TwitterRide has quite a few cheerleaders recommending that everyone make the switch. A number of people have championed TwitterRide in recent weeks, typically noting that they like its balance of features and speed. As seen recently in our Twitter Android App Roundup, TwitterRide has many of the features available in Twidroid and tends to be faster. A potential drawback is the bright blue interface; however, if the super sky colors aren’t an issue, this may be the Android Twitter app for you.


Courtesy of  @jbsnitch: Twitteride is amazing. .much improved and currently the best twitter client for android, imho. Did I mention it’s free? #androidapps

Greed ($2.99 full, FREE Lite)

Greed does a much better job managing your Google Reader feeds than the mobile version of GReader. Greed syncs with the account to mark articles as read/unread, receives notifications for feed updates, and favorites articles. Greed comes in the free Lite and a $2.99 paid Full version. Android users who opt for the full version get podcast support, sharing options via Twitter, and SD cache to support offline reading. Greed Lite does not support all of these features, however, it performs the most basic syncing. You may also want to check NewsRob and FeedR to manage your RSS feeds, but Greed Full is a top-notch app for frequent Google Reader, uh, readers.


Courtesy: @sweeterskins @denmojo If you normally use Google reader, then Greed – hands down. #androidapps

Greed Full

Greed Lite

Other App News

  • Brightkite is a location sharing/tracking service that lets members know where their friends are and share photos or notes about locations with others in an area. Members can post photos or comments about their location or activities and discover new people who use this niche website, ranging from within a few feet to an entire region. The company recently released an Android client that looks great and is likely to please Brightkite members. [read more about Brightkite for Android]
  • Facebook on Android is a troubling saga. Fbook disappeared from the Android Market, a similar wrapper appeared in Facebook Lite, and foobook turned heads but didn’t please everyone. This week we reported on The Android Facebook App, a work in progress app that may be the first to accurately recreate Facebook on Android devices. [read more about TAFA]