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Android 1.5 NDK now available

June 26, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Android 1.5 NDK now available

Yesterday, Google introduced the Android 1.5 NDK (native development kit) that will offer developers the ability to “call into native code from your Android applications.” According to the details, the Android 1.5 NDK will allow developers to “generate native code libraries from C and C++ sources.”

That said, this is good news for developers looking to have some more options for development, but at the same time Google is attempting to make it clear that the Android 1.5 NDK will not be for everyone.

“As a developer, you will need to balance its benefits against its drawbacks, which are numerous!”

Anyway, for those interested, head on over to the Android Developers website and grab your download. Additionally, for those unfamiliar with development and are just beginning to get your hands dirty, keep in mind that the Android 1.5 NDK is to be used in conjunction with the regular Android 1.5 SDK.

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