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Acer demos Android on a netbook — with Firefox

June 4, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Acer demos Android on a netbook — with Firefox

Once again we are going back to seeing Android running on a netbook, which up to this point, while neat has been less than usable. The most recent was shown off by Acer during Computex and they tossed in an interesting extra.

According to the coverage from PC Watch, the computer, which in this case was an Aspire One D250 with a 10-inch display was running a seemingly unmodified version of Android. The highlights of the demo showed how it was able to boot up in just about 18 seconds and shut down in an impressive 1 second.

While all that sounds neat, the start up and shut down times are kind of to be expected. However, Acer also included what appeared to be a nearly-full version of Firefox.

With that, it appears as if we are getting closer to truly seeing Android on a netbook. Andy by truly seeing, I am talking about an OS that is actually useable and not just a neat trick.

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